Welcome to excellence.

Welcome to Capaquebrada

Capaquebrada is the culmination of our passion for tradition and quality. Each slice of ham is a tribute to nature, to the pure Iberian breed and to the dedication and work of many years.


An exceptional origin:
the pure Iberian breed.

The secret behind Capaquebrada lies in its origin. Our pigs are of pure Iberian breed. Carefully reared, free, they enjoy a life in harmony with nature, feeding on acorns from the ancient dehesas during the montanera.

The montanera: a fundamental period in the production of our hams.

The montanera, the period in which our pigs enjoy a diet rich in acorns, herbs and roots, is fundamental for the quality of our Capaquebrada hams. During this time, the pigs almost double their weight, developing a perfect infiltration of fat into the muscle tissues, which results in the unique texture and flavour that characterise our hams.

The Art of Healing.

At Cardisán, tradition meets innovation in the curing process. Each Capaquebrada piece goes through a meticulous, handcrafted process, where experience passed down from generation to generation is combined with cutting-edge technology.

Our master ham makers supervise every detail during a slow curing process, which in some pieces takes more than 80 months to ensure that each ham reaches its maximum potential in terms of flavour and quality.